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What is TolunaCommunities?

TolunaCommunities empower research professionals to develop enterprise communities that are full-featured and highly-engaging - no matter your target market.

Communities yield actionable insights that fuel the NPD cycle, understanding the voice of the customer, ethnographies, or trend identification. TolunaCommunities give you the long- term engagement you need within a trusted, branded environment. Build brand advocacy, develop engaging discussion forums and experience richer, more actionable insights all stored in one place.


Communities have limitless research applications. And because it’s in the Toluna platform, it provides you with  qualitative and quantitative insights in a single place.

Ideation & Co-Creation

Your customers know next big thing. They can help you identify it, refine it, and in some cases help you avoid a huge disaster before you launch something that isn’t “it”.

With TolunaCommunities, you can target and invite your members to participate in structured discussions. And because it’s a deeply interactive engaged community, you can track key people over time to observe their changes in behavior and engage with members one on one. 


What’s even better is you can append survey data to members for better insights and context into their decisions and feedback. Listen, test hypotheses, ask questions and observe. Build up extensive member profiles with appended survey data.


Brand Perception & Tracking

How did the last ad campaign impact your brand? 

What about the latest product launch?

With TolunaCommunities, you can track how your customers feel about your brand with true, in-the-moment data collection delivered quickly, and analyze the trends. Get the sentiment your stakeholders are looking for with customer testimonials and quotes that bring the data analysis to life. And because all of the data is stored in a single place, it makes brand tracking a breeze and creates a feedback loop.

Customer Satisfaction

Get the rich data you need to truly understand to what degree your consumer is happy with your product, service, or experience.

TolunaCommunities help to build up has extensive member profiles with key demographics so you really know who your customers are. and the level of satisfaction or loyalty with can dive deeper into feedback and satisfaction for each of your target segments. 


Find out how satisfied they are with often they are really using your brand and what makes them loyal more importantly -- why. Identify key areas for improvement, which consumers may be at risk for churn, and which to develop into evangelists or referrers to grow your business organically. whether that's product, design, messaging or price. Or simply track satisfaction over time.



How are your customers finding your product?

There are numerous trend reports that look at segments in aggregate, but what about your specific customer?

With TolunaCommunities, you can understand how your segment, no matter how nuanced, is finding their way to your brand.  Are they really seeing watching your videos in the channels you invest in or simply multi- tasking? Where they referred from a friend or did they decide to purchase after a blog review? 


TolunaCommunities can be used to track path to purchases changes over time and ask questions to key audiences to see behind those walled gardens.


Journey Through Product



“The TolunaCommunities platform has transformed our work for the better.  We use the community to understand the needs of our market.


The community platform automates numerous tasks which enables us to save valuable time and focus on further projects.”

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