What is QuickSurveys?

QuickSurveys is more than just a survey platform -- it's our on-demand cloud-based solution designed for quick-turn, automated research.

You have 24/7 DIY immediate access to Toluna's panel of millions of people globally so you can tap into any audience, no matter how niche.  The comprehensive, easy-to-use interface, and automated templates combined with immediate and continuous data collection, means you can gain insights 10x faster than traditional research methods.


Fully flexible, QuickSurveys offers 100% DIY, Assisted DIY and Full Service options. Launch your survey in just minutes and see results populate in real-time to find out how Toluna can bring you insights on demand!

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Ideation & Co-Creation

QuickSurveys provides in the moment quantitative research.

It’s automated, real- time and quick- turn.

The user- friendly scripting solution, survey design has over 50 templates and  has 21 question types, advanced targeting options, and provides so you not only get insights on demand with, but the quality you need. Find out in only just minutes what the next big thing is for your company using our solution platform.


Brand Perception

With QuickSurveys you have 24/7 access to millions of consumers globally.

Uncover your target audience and non-users’ awareness of your brand, opinions, and preferences in real- time.  With over 200+ targeting options to choose from, you know you can reach the right audience quickly in just minutes. Start uncovering your brand’s strengths -- and areas for opportunity-- today.

Campaign, Creative & Message Testing

QuickSurveys is the leading technology solution that can help you quickly identify successful campaigns and messages for your brand’s audience.

Upload videos, audio or images to test the full spectrum of a campaign.  Spend your research budget wisely to drive profitable growth by launching the right campaign with the right message to the right audience.


Customer Satisfaction

Are you customers happy with your latest product or offering?

With real-time data from QuickSurveys, you can find out quickly how your customers are reacting to your latest campaigns, launches or service.


Use one of our automated templates; with our easy- to- use scripting solution interface you can build and easily review your questionnaire logic. 


And with our C-level reports and infoboards, you can share your work easily quicker for quick decision- making.

Media and Entertainment

Use QuickSurveys to find out where your audience is spending their time and how they like to consume media.

Create and save templates to easily access previous used questionnaires and make the already quick process even faster and more efficiently.


Journey Through Product

Create your survey

Identify your audience

Launch your survey 

Analyze your results

Build a survey using our vast selection of advanced scripting features, or you can use our PowerSuite available within QuickSurveys and select an automated template for concept, package, attitude/usage or positioning studies.

Select from over 200 demographic and behavioral targets to reach your precise audience, or use your own list of contacts.

Choose from 6 launch options including: email, social media, embed or launch to our proprietary panel of millions of global influencers and consumers.

In real-time with a solution that works for you! Segment, filter, and export your data with a standard option or utilize advanced data visualization, analysis and collaboration options. 



“Toluna QuickSurveys is a ​very fast & cost-effective way to get feedback on artists & compilation releases from real consumers.”

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