What is PowerSuite?

Expedite your research with Toluna's PowerSuite, a suite of fully-automated templated research tools designed to guide you from ideation to understanding in just hours.


By automating industry proven methodologies, Toluna's PowerSuite puts you in the driver’s seat, enabling you to conduct your own package, concept, positioning or attitudinal study from anywhere developed by our sister company, Harris Interactive -- without ever having to pick up with phone.


What is PowerPack?

PowerPack is one solution within PowerSuite; a collection of fully-automated insight solutions designed to guide you from ideation to understanding in just hours.

We’ve automated award-winning methodologies developed by our sister company, Harris Interactive UK, putting you in the driver's seat with PowerPack. 


You can tap into millions of members from our global panel to conduct your own real-time pack testing to mimic shoppers’ experiences and be sure you have the VoC to measure overall effectiveness of the packaging strategy before you launch to market.


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Campaign Creative

PowerPack does more than just pack testing.

You can accelerate your speed to market with other studies such as  name testing, and product messaging.

The timed monadic exposure coupled with sound methodology means quality and unbiased insights for a more successful product launch.


New Product Development (NPD)

PowerPack can reveal your packaging strengths and weaknesses and measure the effectiveness of your overall NPD strategy.

You can have your audience test and rank new packaging concepts in minutes using our automated wizard. With timed exposure tests and respondent recall, understand your ability to “stand out in a crowd.” ​


Our monadic testing ensures pure packaging insight vs. comparison of all packages.​ .  Our templated approach, combined with Harris Interactive UK’s methodology, ensures quality results and a reliable and repeatable process in a fraction of the time of traditional methods. Agility can help you stay ahead of your competitors.

Fully Integrated Approach

With PowerPack, you can quickly gain insights into the right concept that get you successfully to the next stage of the NPD gating process.  All you need to do 





Select your package category

Target your precise audience

Add up to 8 packaging concepts to test

Customize your survey with our intuitive wizard guiding the way

PowerPack takes it from there, delivering you powerful insights in real-time, and at a better value than traditional concept testing methods!


C- level reporting allows not only saves time, but it increases your ability to share insights internally. PowerPack has beautifully designed data visualization through an automated, interactive infoboard, with the ability to visualize areas of importance using the heatmap feature. And it’s web-based analytics which means you get the reports immediately.

“For us agility means fast, I think we constantly have more and more of a pressure from our stakeholders to move quicker and to get insights to them faster, right toward digital teams as well, so what we're trying to do is not necessarily work on an iterative basis but just get results faster and to the right people.”

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