Toluna Global Influencer Community

Connecting People & Brands

At Toluna, we connect brands directly with the people that matter most to them. Loyal customers and – just as important – future customers.

How do we do this?


A powerful synergy of advanced technology, unrivaled expertise, and the world’s largest and most diverse respondent community.


These elements come together in real-time in the industry’s first end-to-end consumer insights platform – and you can only find it at Toluna.

What makes our Community Unique?

It’s all about building relationships

We have made an art of building deep and lasting relationships with our members by creating an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. More than just a survey platform, we have built an interconnected, worldwide community.

Access to the right respondents, right when you need them worldwide

Using advanced technologies, we continually collect both reported and observed data – constantly updating members’ profiles in real-time.

If you want to make great decisions, you need to trust that you are being given the best quality data

Our obsession with quality begins with making sure that we only recruit the very best respondents and continues through every stage of their engagement with us.

We provide the full picture

Our goal is to provide our clients with a 360° view of our members and deep profiles.

We offer multiple methods of engagement, and whether our members participate in surveys, our community, or any other engagement, they can opt to do so via mobile, App, or online.

Want to learn more about our global reach, the information we gather about our respondents or more?

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