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Health & Beauty

  • Understand how consumers make purchase decisions

  • Conduct package testing to optimize sales

  • Understand brand preference attitude and usage

  • Track perception of your brand over time

  • Access behavioral data to understand consumers’ online journey

  • Test your concepts and ads before going to market

  • Conduct sales and promotional studies to ensure product success

Consumer Packaged Goods

  • Conduct shelf test studies to ensure product visibility

  • Engage with consumer panels to understand brand perception

  • Conduct price sensitivity studies to ensure you are charging the optimal price

  • Understand buyer intention for new products

  • Test advertising effectiveness before launching a new campaign

  • Utilize point of sale tracking to understand customer journey

  • Conduct pack testing to ensure all aspects of packaging resonate with consumers


  • Understand school brand perception 

  • Study the needs & trends of the Gen Z population 

  • Understand student and parent satisfaction drivers

  • Use competitive school studies 

  • Assess attitudes toward tuition and react accordingly

  • Utilize application tracking measurements

  • Academic ranking measurement

Financial Services

  • Understand in-moment & long-term satisfaction

  • Determine client loyalty drivers

  • Asses client transactional satisfaction

  • Evaluate service hours & location

  • Understand mobile & online banking attitudes

  • Gain insights into self-service banking preferences

  • Conduct post-engagement surveys with clients

Food & Beverage

  • Understand grocery shopping habits

  • Gain insights into snacking habits and behaviors

  • Evaluate the attitudes towards away-from-home consumption 

  • Understand packaging preferences and make adjustments before launch

  • Assess awareness, attitude & usage across products

  • Gain insights into health, diet, & fitness trends among target market

  • Evaluate the impact of meal kit delivery services

  • Understand grocery budgeting and its impact on your products


  • Global access to all facets of the healthcare landscape

  • Point-of-care access to rare patient groups

  • Real-time concept tests with pharmaceutical benchmarking

  • Access customizable patient record form studies

  • Leverage agile fielding solutions with Rapid Results Rx

Media & Entertainment

  • Conduct secure trailer testing with target audience

  • Gain insights into general opinions as they relate to competing movies

  • Understand the awareness of a new movie before its release

  • Asses interest and intent to see movie based on advertising creative

  • Ensure the security of images, concepts, and video testing with our iron-clad approach to safeguarding data


  • Conduct ad and concept testing before launches

  • Test sales and promotional strategies to ensure success

  • Evaluate shopper insights across multiple channels

  • Conduct customer experience measurement studies

  • Determine retail and brand preferences among target market

  • Evaluate ongoing perception and attitudes with brand tracking

  • Understand if consumers are engaging with your brand or competitors


  • Test usage and satisfaction across mobile devices and services

  • Understand mobile solutions needs and behavior

  • Conduct ad and message testing before campaign launches

  • Evaluate advertising strategy with on-going brand tracking

  • Understand if consumers are engaging with your brand or competitors

Travel & Tourism

  • Evaluate post-stay and post-trip satisfaction over time

  • Utilize online booker driver analysis

  • Conduct competitive benchmarking studies 

  • Gain insights into vacation vs business budgets

  • Evaluate booking abandonment to drive new solutions

  • Understand top destination preferences and timing of new travel plans

  • Conduct customer experience measurement studies

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