Global Consumer New Technology Adoption

Consumers around the world use new technology in different yet consistent ways.

Together, ITWP companies Toluna and Harris Interactive gathered insights about consumers’ use of technology around the world. Findings highlight the importance of consumer insights for brands and businesses when thinking about new product launches and marketing applications for emerging technologies. The study was fielded in each country within 2 days in December 2019.

Consumers are not only ready, they are excited about using new technology

The majority of global consumers (55%) are excited about and comfortable using new technology.  

The next level of connectivity: 5G 

Although the launch of 5G is just around the corner, and already available in some markets, there is still a low awareness level in many markets. Overall, 63% of consumers are familiar with 5G, but there is a wide range of familiarity by country.

Try before you buy

We’ve asked consumers about their use of new technology. Globally, speech recognition or voice search products have been tried by more consumers compared to other new technology products (47%), wearables are a close second (36%).

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