Behavioral Data

Behavioral Data

What is Behavioral Data?

Toluna’s proprietary digital tracking technology is a single-source permission-based solution that provides unprecedented real-time insight into online and mobile consumer behavior.

Used alone, or in combination with other research methodologies, digital tracking provides the most robust insights available in the market today to help drive intelligent business strategies.  Optimize marketing channels, reduce costs, and increase ROI by understanding where consumers really are and uncover their ever-changing buying patterns.


Gain understanding across mobile and desktop, websites and apps. 

Toluna’s Behavioral Data is a game changing solution that can deliver real business impact for your brand.

These are just some examples of what we are able see to help move your business forward:

  • Websites visited, domain level data (HTTP and HTTPS)

  • Full URLs for our whitelisted sites

  • Apps installed for our whitelisted apps.

  • Time spent on websites, apps and time of day.

  • Search behavior and search terms used.

  • Navigation patterns

  • Purchase information for some of the world’s biggest retailers

And what’s even better?  We can do this retroactively. 

With Toluna’s historical data, you can gain insight into data we already collected from our panelists across the globe.


Brand Awareness

Truly understand if consumers are engaging with your brand, with competitors, or both

With Behavioral Data you get a deeper understanding of how customers or prospects are engaging with your brand versus claimed behavior. With robust search, retailer or eCommerce site tracking, determine their actual behavior and influences that leads to the point of purchase and more. 

And Using Toluna’s Behavioral Data, you can identify people who are highly invested in your category based on their online behaviour. Toluna allows you to easily identify those that you are not currently engaging with but have displayed an interest in your category.


And you can even find out if they are engaging with your competitor. Use QuickCommunities or QuickSurveys to engage with your potential future consumers to understand the “why” behind their behaviour. These solutions will enable you to grow your consumer base.

For a full 360 view of your customer, append this behavioral tracking data to survey data. Toluna gives you the insights you need for the impact that matters.


Use our intuitive and easy to use behavioral data dashboard that provides you with visualized data with customisable views depending on your needs. Custom reports or CSV files are also available.

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